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Quality and Environmental Policy

■ Environmental impact of constantly checking to prevent pollution, use natural resources efficiently

■ All products and implement environmental programs that have set in process

■ reviewing at regular intervals with the objectives set by the Environmental Management System

■ Transferring the environmental understanding and supporting the execution of other companies that have watch

■ AHS Environmental Policy (ACP) customers, sub-industry, employees, neighboring companies and to share with the locals

■ The company's corporate values ​​and culture, ethics, good management philosophy and business ethics principles, provides guidance to the employees in fulfilling their responsibilities.
Fire and reduce costs by minimizing errors to excessive productivity and profitability; ensure the adoption by all of our employees are the basis of our production philosophy as a company.

We did as a result of internal audits and systematic audits by guiding our customers, our system is kept under control and continuous improvement activities.

Our R & D at the beginning of the working group of government support we received under gelmektedir.arg the tractor is still active as reflected in our policy of continuous improvement, is playing an active role in carrying value of ahs'n brand to target customers.

Our modern laboratory and quality our experienced team makes exacting quality work at every stage of production.

Our engineering staff within our company white collar, blue collar is the ratio of 9% level.

ISO 9001: 2000 standard in accordance with our quality system:

 ■ FMEA (Design and Process)

 ■ Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)

 ■ Control Plans

 ■ Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)

 ■ Statistics Prosess Control (SPC) applications are used to target PPM work.
AHP Manufacturing Plant, casting, machining and assembly line consists of advanced production technologies are used.

Performing with the simultaneous production of ERP software is used, customer satisfaction can be achieved with short deadlines.

Starting from raw material input quality control, seeded control, statistical process control (SPC) is provided with advanced techniques such as.

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